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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers come in all shapes, sizes and flavors!

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oday's drug or alcohol rehab centers offer a wide variety of addiction treatment options. No longer are programs based solely on the "12-step" model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous.

If the addict is a good student who learns quickly in classroom situations, a program that contains many lectures might be appropriate. An athletic outdoors type would probably have the most success with one of the adventure-based programs.

A person with strong religious beliefs might benefit most from one of the religion-based programs, and there still are other treatment centers that specialize in "dual-diagnosis" situations in which the addict also has known psychological issues or disorders.

On the most basic level, we classify centers as follows:

  • Community-based programs:
    • Support groups & Counselling
    • Out-patient services
    • In-patient programs

  • Residential drug or alcohol rehab centers in which the addict lives for anywhere from 28 days to several months:
    • 12-step-based programs
    • Religious-based centers
    • Alternative treatment programs based on modern "new age" philosophies.

  • Alternative treatment programs
    • Outdoor adventure programs
    • Programs based on modern "new-age" philosophies and treatment models

To find out about drug treatment programs in your area, please visit our Drug & Alcohol Rehabs Directory.

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