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Guidelines for evaluating & choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program

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ow that you've taken the time to assess your own or your friend's psychological and emotional characteristics, we offer a process for evaluating drug or alcohol abuse rehabilitation programs and deciding which one will provide the greatest benefit.

The following is a list of some of the questions you'll want to consider. These questions and others were used to evaluate the drug treatment programs profiled on this web site. Be sure to seek the same details for any other rehabilitation programs you may be considering:

  1. What is the ratio of staff to participants? (We can't bring ourselves to calling them "patients.")
  2. Is the drug addiction treatment program affiliated with any particular religion?
  3. Are detoxification facilities available?
  4. What sort of activities are included in the program or is it purely group therapy sessions and lectures?
  5. What is the focus of the drug treatment philosophy?
  6. Are confrontational techniques used?
  7. How many people have graduated from the program?
  8. Is the program geared toward specific population segments such as teenagers, women-only,men-only, etc.
  9. What is the typical length of stay? (if residential)
  10. Is the program supervised by a medical staff?
  11. Is the program court-approved?
  12. Does the program offer any sort of post-treatment followup?
  13. Does the rehab program offer any sort of support for the addict's family?

The answers to these questions will help in choosing the right drug or alcohol abuse treatment program.

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